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Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Great-Skin Diet Part 3


Assalam friends. It's just to share about how to get the great skin.

how to get the greatest skin like Kimberly 
Legget, miss malaysia universe 2012

Dear friends, did you know?

Certain nutrients have the power to fight melanin. Vitamin C diminishes melanin formation and helps neutralize its colour. Its also helps collagen production. So makeover your daily diet now with this simple menu for healthier and youthful skin.

Now friends, i bring you the super beauty recipe to nourish your skin. Here enjoy the recipe for dinner. 

Ginger Fried Rice with Celery and Leeks

Brown rice is full of fiber and vitamins that help promote glowing skin. Celery helps to combat stress and helps skin build collagen. Leeks are good to fight fatigue and ginger aids indigestion and boost immunity. With so many antioxidant vegetables, this fried rice recipe delivers all the elements for beautiful skin on one plate.

ginger fried rice

~ 150 g cooked brown rice
~ 1 celery stalk
~ 2 clumps of leeks
~ 2 cherry tomatoes
~ 2-3 cashew nuts
~ some chopped garlic
~ 2 teaspoon of chopped ginger
~ 1 tablespoon olive oil
~ 1 teaspoon salt
~ 2 teaspoon soy sauce

Cut 5-6 of the celery leaves into small pieces. Then cut the cherry tomatoes into 6 pieces each. Chop the leeks into 4-5 cm lengths and break the cashews into pieces. Put olive oil in a pan, add garlic and half of the ginger. Saute for 5 minutes. Add cashews, rice, celery leaves and salt, and stir fry while moving the pan to regulate the heat. When it's well mixed, add cherry tomatoes, leeks and the rest of the ginger and continue sauteing. Gradually mix in the soy sauce with the other ingredients. Season with oil, celery stem and some salt to taste.

Source: Brightening journal by shiseido (march/april 2012), google.
Recipe by shiseido experts.

Happy reading. Daaa...!!!