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Thursday, 12 January 2012

How To Apply Foundation


It's just to share not to flaunt!

What You Need To Apply Foundation:

1. Foundation for your skin type


2. One makeup sponge or foundation brush


3. Concealer

The right foundation will even out your skin tone and give you the appearance of flawless skin. But you have to do it right, otherwise you risk looking like a ie. clown. Follow these steps for a flawless complexion.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 2 minutes

Here's How:
1. Begin with clean hands and a clean face.

2. Apply a moisturizing sunscreen(recomended), moisturizer or primer that's perfect for your skin type. All foundation will go on more smoothly if the skin is well-hydrated. Foundation primer is my pick, because it creates a smooth surface for foundation.

3. Let the moisturizer, sunscreen or primer set for a few minutes.

4. Wipe off any excess moisturizer with tissue. Greasy skin will make the foundation slip and slide.

5. Camouflouge your dark under-eye circles with a concealer. Pat, never rub, the concealer into skin.

6. Using a makeup sponge or the tips of your fingers, apply dots of foundation on your cheeks, chin, forehead and tip of the nose. Makeup artists swear by foundation brushes to apply product. They soak up less faoundation and blend flawlessly.

7. Using the sponge, your fingertips or the foundation brush, blend the dots together. Pay special attention to your hairline and jawline to ensure there's no obvious line.

8. Set the foundation with loose powder immediately after application.


1. You don't have to put foundation all over your face. Try spot-fixes for those areas that need coverage (likely around the eyes, nose and chin).

2. Don't want to go all out with a faoundation? Tinted moisturizers may be all you need if your complexion is dewy, but you want a light, sheer wash to even out blotchiness.

If you use a sponge, make sure and wash out it out well so it doesn't start harboring all sorts of nasty bacteria. These Wonderpro sponges are cheap and work perfectly.

Daaa...happy reading!!!

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