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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Applying Foundation


It's just to share not to flaunt!

When applying your makeup, foundation should be the first item in your regimen. It should not be applied until your skin has been washed and your moisturizer has had a few minutes to be absorbed into the skin.

And also i do these steps too for everytime when i applying my makeup. It's different when i do or i don't.



After applying your makeup foundation, a dusting of loose powder can help to set it. Again, wait a moment before applying the rest of your makeup. Since foundation is on your skin all day, it is smart to consider one that offers built-in benefits such as an SPF moisturizer, or vitamins and minerals.


dusting loose powder

As an extra tip, foundation can be a tool for locking in your lip color. To do this, apply foundation to your lips prior to applying your lipstick. Your lips will hold onto color longer and without the appearance of cracked lips.

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