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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tips From The Pro!


look young - hanis zalikha's mother

Dr megan Chong, a nutritionist by training, advocates on holistic approach in the maintenance of health and well being of individuals. Here she shares some effortless tips for a healthy new you.

  • Eat right - practice variety, balance and moderation for all your meals to ensure good nutrition.
  • Go-go Wholegrain - embrace whole grain cereals for a healthy dose of dietry fibre everyday.
  • Fill your plates with colors - not only will your food look more appetizing, your skin will thank you too!
  • Nuts about you - snack on almonds and walnuts for extra boost of protein and vitamins.
  • Beauty sleep - sleep at least 6 to 8 hour a day to keep dark circles and dull skin away.

By Dr Megan Chong, Lecturer, Department of nutrition and Dietetics International Medical University, Malaysia.

Source: Brightening Journal Shiseido - March/April 2012 Edition

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Sharinginfoz said...

memang penting jaga pemakanan

Hanif said...

tidur hanya 4 jam sehari..kena improve ni