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Sunday, 18 December 2011

All About Eye Color

Dick page

It's just to share but not to flaunt!

Feel hard to decide your eye colours? Do you? Shiseido make me easy to choose colour for my eyes. It's something new. Shimmering cream eye color. It's very smooth, blendable and stunning all day long.
 "I think it`s the best cream shadow on the market. It`s about finding
the perfect balance of texture, beauty and fun in color."
  - Dick Page, Makeup Artistic Director for Shiseido

Expressive colors, Lasting brilliance

Playing with Color From a New Perspective

The look of just-applied dewiness and radiance remains fresh from day to night. This cream color gives the feeling of moisture and comfort on the eyelids, which tends to be dry.

This cream glides over the eyelids, creating a luxurious look in an instant. There is no need to apply an eye base or a powder-type eye shadow over the top. Shimmering Cream Eye Color gives a strong color definition all on its own with an unprecedented luster that makes eyes look as though they`re adorned with jewels. The simple act of putting it on creates an instant mood-lift.
                                                                                  - dick page

12 shades

Available in 12 shades. Choose purple, brown or any colour you want it. It's up to you. Must love it... like me.

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