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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Makeup Tips

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How to Apply Face Makeup

Facial Skin
A painting is only as good as the canvas underneath, so you have to prepare your face for makeup with a thorough wash and moisturizing treatment. If you need to exfoliate, do it in the evening so your skin can recover some of its natural balance overnight. Once your skin is prepared, it's time to select your foundation. You'll notice that liquid foundations and powders come in a range of skin tones for the lightest to the darkest skin. Blend a small amount onto the inside of your wrist. If it seems to even your tone without looking like a coat of paint, you've found the right shade for your face.

Working from your T-zone outward, begin blending a small amount of the foundation onto your skin. Take care to blend at the edges especially, or you will look like you're wearing a mask.

Tip: If you have dark circles under your eyes, use a lighter shade of cover up, or some white eye shadow over that area first, and then blend your foundation over it.

Tip: You can take attention off a crooked or bumpy nose by giving it the illusion of being straight. Screen actress Marlene Dietrich used to draw a line of silver shadow straight down the center of her nose from bridge to tip, right on top of her foundation, and then lightly powder over it. Worked like a charm.

Once your liquid foundation is properly blended, you may wish to brush some loose powder in a complimentary shade over your face to help reduce shine and give your foundation a little extra staying power.

For kaktee, liquid foundation is the best way for the best result

Liquid Foundation

Many women like liquid foundation best because it applies so smoothly and is easily found at your local drugstore. You can enhance the smoothness by putting it on with a slightly damp makeup sponge. Liquid makeup is good around the eyes, where you may want a bit more coverage; you can put it on with a small lip brush for the best control.

You'll often see liquid makeup in waterproof or smudgeproof or even 24 hour versions. But these specialized cremes contain oils and waxy ingredients, causing some sensitive wearers slight skin irritation. If you start having problems with breakouts when wearing waterproof makeup, switch to a non-waterproof type and see if it helps. With more people becoming aware of the importance of skin care to their overall health, companies are creating foundations made with organic ingredients such as essential oils, vegetable oils and minerals instead of chemical dyes.

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