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Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Magic Brush


It's just to share not to flaunt!

Perfect Foundation Brush

I love this brush and other brushes i have. This brush easily creates a perfect natural finish with great coverage. It works well with any type of foundation, emulsion or powder.

Simple techniques for a professional finish
  • For liquid or cream foundation, take the correct amount onto your hand and use your fingertips to apply the foundation on four areas of your face: forehead, both cheeks, and chin. For powder or pressed emulsified foundation, apply the brush directly onto the foundation to pick it up. Replenish the foundation on the brush as necessary.
  • Alternate brush strokes depending on the area of the face to achieve desired levels of foundation coverage. Use diagram as a guide.

1. Full Coverage Area
    Pat In: For your cheeks, position the brush perpendicular to your skin and pat gently to apply the foundation

2. Medium Coverage Area
     Press Down: For your T-zone and the areas surrounding the eyes and mouth, use the brush with light pressure.

3. Light Coverage Area
    Blend Out: For the finishing touch, move the brush lightly to apply feathured strokes of foundation towards the outer edges of your face. Additional foundation is not necessary. Complete the look with the balance amount of foundation on the brush.

Anyway,  you can use any brush any brand... Hopefully enjoyed the tips given. Daaa...!

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